3 reasons a fishing derby should be on your summer bucket list

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With over a million lakes, rivers and streams to choose from, Canada is one of the best places to cast a line. And the number of fishing events across the country is proof of this! If your family is new to fishing, or if you want to introduce a friend to the sport, a local organized event is often a great way to get in the game.
Below are 3 reasons a local fishing derby should be on your list of summer activities.


Fishing derbies organized by non-profits and community groups often take a light-hearted approach to the sport. This means there’s no pressure to know exactly what you’re doing right away — there’s room to grow and learn, and there are usually plenty of volunteers to help show you how to tie knots and cast a line.
Many family-focused events have great prizes up for grabs… which is an excellent incentive to get up early and try your luck!
Local fishing derbies are often held at community ponds, streams and lakes. Participating in a derby is a great way to catch up with friends and family. If you’re new to a community, they’re also an excellent way of meeting people and getting to know the local culture.
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Author: Jessica