Fishing is a great source of positive lifetime memories for children.
There are lots of fishing opportunities for families across the country. Check your local event listings for upcoming derbies and family events. Or take a peak at our event calendar to find family-friendly outdoor excursions!
One of the greatest benefits of recreational fishing is that it creates opportunities for families to spend meaningful time together.
While catching fish is a natural thrill for kids, the size or species is irrelevant! Let kids try different baits or new locations to ward off waning attention spans. It’s also helpful to pay attention to their equipment and ensure that they are placing their bait in a logical place to catch a fish such as close to rocks, logs, dock pilings, or weed clumps, etc.
Its all about fun.
One of the best ways to have a fun fishing excursion is to pay attention to what parts of the adventure children liked the most. It’s important to reinforce positive experiences, and remind them that it’s not about the fish they catch.